Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day 3 & 4

‪#‎Day4‬ | First photo |

For any of you that know me, picking one photo is close to impossible. I love pictures. So for my "first photo" I wanted to share just a couple of my first favorites!  Top L photo isn't our very first photo but it's one of my favorites of those first few moments. Never have I felt so much love for anyone in my life. I cherish and love the pictures my sister captured of her parents holding her for the first time and their first family photo. The pure joy on their faces says it all! They are the best parents and some of my best friends! The bottom R photo was taken at my first visit since placement. They were sweet enough to invite me over so soon after placement. I still don't think they realize how much that meant! 

‪#‎Day3‬ | Debunking The stereotypes | 

I would like to address 2 different ones so bear with me..  1- Birthmoms love their children! They don't place because they don't want their children, or because they don't want to parent, we do it because we LOVE them. That love doesn't go away. Parents brag about their kids and I don't think it's a bad thing if birth parents brag about the children they placed. (As long as it's appropriate) Please be aware of what you say... we didn't GIVE them away, we PLACED them. I know that sounds like a silly thing to be effected by but it changes the spirit so much of what we did. 2- Birthmoms are different. We all have very different stories, different backgrounds, and perspectives. Yes we are united and its a beautiful friendship but just because you know one story doesn't mean you know all. love you guys, sorry for the straight forward post!