Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy Sunday

I've never shared my testimony online in this way but in the spirit of sunday I would like to share my testimony of my brother and savior Jesus Christ.

I know that individually we each have a very different and unique relationship with Christ. I want you to think about your personal relationship with him as I share my thoughts. 
How often do you take time to strengthen that relationship? Do you think of him daily? How often do you talk to him? Are you mad at him for things in your life that aren't going as planned? Or do you allow your love for Christ to shed light on every aspect of your life? 
Song maybe

I testify that I know my savior lives! I know that he knows me personally and that despite all of my short comings that he loves me unconditionally. I testify he know and loves you the same. He knows your struggles, he knows your fears, he knows every emotion you feel for he has felt them as well. He felt for you, so he could help you through them! He wants you to know that you are never alone! He is always there, waiting patiently for you to open the door and allow him in. This week I challenge each of us to recognize opportunities to open the door of our lives to the savior.