Thursday, March 6, 2014

Introducing Lillian!

Before I share part two of my story, over the next couple of days I want to introduce a few people you should know.
First, and most important, is little miss Lillian! (aka, owner of my heart) 
Words can not begin to express how much I love this little lady. There's not a person in the world that makes me as happy as she does. Needless to say, she had me at hello! :) 
From day one, I knew that I would dedicate my life to making her happy; which doesn't take much effort because she always carries a beautiful smile, everywhere she goes.  
I will never forget the immediate love I felt during pregnancy, and how that love was dramatically increased the first time she was placed into my arms and it continues to grow every time she returns. It's hard to explain the connection I feel with her; however, it is one that I cherish with all my heart. 

Photo Credit: Peg Watkins Photography 

Isn't she stunning! (I'm not bias or anything) :)