Monday, February 24, 2014


Hi my name is Heidi. I have attempted blogging several times in my life. I use to think that I had to have different blogs for the different things I wanted to blog about. For example I had a church blog, a quote blog, a blog about my life and a blog about my experience while I was living in china for a semester. Exhausting right?! No surprise that none of them lasted.
This blog is going to be about my life, and everything that makes up my life. There are going to be two main focuses throughout my blog.

First and most importantly I will be sharing my beliefs. I am a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints (commonly known as Mormons). I would be no where without my religion, it truly makes up every aspect of my life and brings me so much happiness.

Secondly, I want to share a very sacred part of my life that I have only shared with a very small amount of people. Words can not express how nervous I am and how exposed I feel writing this post. Even though I have gone through dramatic measures to keep this part of my life secret for so long, I can honestly say that I am now ready to share it with you.
Three years ago in April I placed a beautiful little angel for adoption with an incredible family here in Utah. I could go on for hours telling you about how much I love and adore her and her sweet family but I'm going to leave you hanging for a little bit and break the story into parts. (Part 1 coming very soon) :) I will tell you this, that the adoption is very open and I absolutely cherish every moment I get to spend time them. They have instantly become family and I couldn't love them more!  I hope that you can be understanding, excepting and supportive as I open up and share my story. :)
I am a Mormon and I am a Birth Mom!