Monday, March 31, 2014

My guardian angels

Meet my sister and her sweet family! I would not be here without them.
Words can't describe what this family means to me! My sister Helga and I have been close ever since I can remember. She is the most christ like person I know. She loves and serves everyone she meets. When she and her sweet husband Bryan invited me to live with them while I was pregnant our relationship grew immensely. I wouldn't have been able to survive the hardships of that time without her and Bry. 
Bryan is a seminary teacher and I have cherish our talks about his lessons, the gospel, boys, health and nutrition and just about anything else that comes up. 
Their kids own my heart! Little M is 4 years old. I missed my senior prom to meet this beautiful little lady. Never have I regretted that decision, she is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet. :)
Then theres mister Tayman, oh how I love this little guy. He has a very special place in my heart. He is only three days younger than Lillian (2 years old) and its been very fun to watch both of them grow up so similar. They both remind me of each other which I love.
Last but most certainly not least is my sweet Little L. Oh how I love her! She is about 9 months old and I could kiss her all day. She has the sweetest smile that instantly melts my heart. 
You will want to remember their names because I see them at least once a week and their names will come up quite a bit. :)